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At Home of Programming, our motto is to provide top notch training to students. Our training will be based on current industry trends. Home of programming's cloud learning infrastructure allows you to learn from your comfort zone. Let me tell you about the entire learning process of Home of Programming.At first, you will need to register at "www.homeofprogramming.com/register.php". After a successful registration, you will need to verify your email address.

After verification, log on to the Home of Programming portal. When you log on for the first time, you will need to clear the first phase of payment. The first phase payment will be 40% of the total course fee. For example, if you enrolled for the course that includes a fee of 5000/-, you will have to clear 40% of that fees, so that you will have access over course materials. When you clear the first phase of your payment, you will be redirected to your dashboard, where you can find your entire schedule of your course In the dashboard, you can have access to cloud courseware. The cloud courseware is designed with all the norms that will help the student to learn and understand easily. Then, you can have access to your course video. When the first quarter completes, you will have to clear the second phase of payment. The second phase payment will be 30% of total fee amount. And Finally before attending the course Final Exam, you will have to clear the last phase of payment, which is again 30% of the total fees. When you clear your assessment successfully, you can apply for certification. Your certificate will generated within one week from the date on which you have applied the certificate. In case, if you do not clear the assessment successfully, you will have to apply for supplementary assessment. After the supplementary assessment, you can apply for certificate.



Many operating system are developed using c/c++. Learn the basics of c and c++ and develop many interesting applications.


Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet.

Asp.net MVC

.Net framework supports 12 number of lanugages. Enroll now and learn to develop web based applications with MVC architecture.


Java is a programming language.Java is used to develop mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, games and much more.


J2EE is a platform-independent, from Sun for developing, building and deploying Web-based enterprise applications online.


A wonderful to language for those who wish to develop complex web applications at ease. Enroll now nad get started to develop such apps.

Mobile App Development

Learn to develop an application for all kinds of mobile devices such as tablets and more.

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